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Capitalica will develop a green logistics RE fund of over EUR 100 million

SBA Group’s investment management company Capitalica Asset Management is currently establishing the first logistics real estate (RE) fund in the Baltic States. The Bank of Lithuania has granted an operating license to the Capitalica Green Logistics Fund, a closed-end investment fund for informed investors, which will invest in existing green concept logistics centres located near major cities and major transport arteries throughout the Baltic region. The size of the fund to be established will be over EUR 100 million.


“We are currently establishing a new green fund, as logistics based on sustainable solutions is one of the most promising areas in terms of return on investment and security. The importance of e-commerce is growing, the Baltic region is developing extremely fast, and the prices of logistics objects are relatively much more attractive compared to the prices available in the Western Europe. This sector has remained resilient in the context of the global pandemic – the movement of goods has not stopped, and e-commerce volumes grew and will continue to do so in the future,” said Andrius Barštys, CEO of Capitalica Asset Management.


According to him, analytical data and forecasts show that the pandemic has accelerated and established the habit of online shopping, increasing the volume of e-commerce and, at the same time, doing the same to the logistics centres and warehouses. “The introduction of strict quarantines has increased the need to store goods, thus ensuring protection against possible restrictions on international trade in the event of a recurrence of the global quarantine scenario. Studies show that after the pandemic subsides, the habit of buying online will remain, and the flow of goods in the logistics sector will grow accordingly, therefore investments in this area gain a strategic advantage over traditional retail real estate,” commented Mr Barštys.


Statistics show that warehouses and logistics centres are one of the three most attractive commercial real estate sectors in the world, with last year’s investment in Europe being one of the highest in the last decade, amounting to more than EUR 38 billion.


The new Capitalica Green Logistics Fund will invest in already built and revenue-generating sustainable logistics centres near major cities and major transport arteries in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. “Our company’s strategy is to invest in sustainable facilities, so the new fund will focus on green logistics centres and warehouses built and operated in accordance with the highest standards of energy efficiency, environmental protection, pollution and noise reduction,” said Mr. Barštys.


Capitalica Green Logistics Fund is a closed-end collective investment undertaking for informed investors. the form of activity of which is an investment fund. The fund is managed by UAB Capitalica Asset Management under the right of trust.


SBA Group company Capitalica Asset Management engaged in the management of commercial real estate in the Baltic States, manages the investment company Capitalica Baltic Real Estate Fund I. It manages the business centre 135 in Vilnius, the business centre Kauno dokas in Kaunas, the shopping centre Luizė located in Klaipėda, as well as develops the business building complex Verde in Riga.


The controlling shares (70%) of the company Capitalica Asset Management, established in 2016, belongs to one of the largest Lithuanian capital business groups SBA, another 30% of the shares belong to Mr. Barštys’s company Fox Holdings.


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