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Ignas Šablevičius joins “Capitalica Asset Management”

November 21, 2023, Vilnius. Ignas Šablevičius joined SBA Group’s investment management company “Capitalica Asset Management” as fund manager. Following the decision of “Capitalica” to expand and diversify its business and offer additional capital employment opportunities to investors by adding debt instruments to the investment portfolio, the new fund is created and Ignas Šablevičius will be coordinating this new activity.

“We are expanding our asset management activities and plan to offer investors an opportunity to invest into debt securities at attractive yield levels. We value Ignas’ experience in debt capital markets and believe it will add value to our investors,” says Mindaugas Liaudanskas, CEO of “Capitalica Asset Management”.

Prior to joining “Capitalica Asset Management”, Ignas Šablevičius was leading the debt capital markets unit in Luminor bank, and was the bank’s head of large corporates and credit analysis units in Lithuania before that.

“By joining “Capitalica” team I expect to realize new opportunities to support the development of capital markets in the Baltic region and provide businesses with much needed access to financial resources. “Capitalica” is expanding its activities to better serve the needs of investors and I am sure that we will be successful in implementing those goals,” says Ignas Šablevičius.

“Capitalica Asset Management” seeks to expand its activity into new business sectors and to offer its current and potential investors additional opportunities to employ capital, as well as to achieve risk diversification.

“Capitalica Asset Management” is an investment management company that focuses on developing and investing in already-developed real estate objects in the Baltic Sea region. Clients’ assets are invested through close-ended funds that are supervised by the Bank of Lithuania, and the issued bonds are quoted on the Nasdaq stock exchange.

The total value of assets currently managed by “Capitalica Asset Management” is almost 200 million euros. The company manages these funds: “Capitalica Baltic Real Estate Fund I,” “Capitalica Z114 Real Estate Fund,” “Capitalica Green Logistics Fund,” and “Capitalica European Office Fund.”

“Capitalica Baltic Real Estate Fund I” owns an office complex “Verde” in Riga, a business center “Žalgirio 135” in Vilnius, a business center “Kauno Dokas” in Kaunas and a shopping center “Luizė” in Klaipėda. This fund finished 2022 with a record 17.7 million euros net profit, 125.9 million euros worth of consolidated assets, 51 million euros equity, and 5.7 million euros consolidated turnover.

“Capitalica Green Logistics Fund” currently owns five sustainable logistics building complexes, three of them in Tallinn and two in Riga.

“Capitalica Z114 Real Estate Fund” manages an office and storage facilities building complex on Žalgirio St. in Vilnius, where a new class A business center will be developed.

“Capitalica Asset Management” started its operations in 2016. Its controlling stake belongs to one of the country’s largest business groups SBA (70%) and Andrius Barštys’ company “Fox Holdings” (30%).

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