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First Coworking Space Opens in Nida

Starting July 2, the first coworking space, “Out of Office,” opens its doors in Nida. This space will be available to all vacationers working in the Curonian Spit, who can pay for a day, a week, a month, or even the entire summer. The new space is located in the former “Bo House” restaurant on the Curonian Lagoon shore and will be operational in Nida until the end of September, accommodating about 60 people at a time.

The newly established “Out of Office” coworking space features not only general workspaces but also two meeting rooms named after the partners who invested in the space – “Capitalica” and “Sand Offices.” One of the rooms even has real sand on the floor, giving the feel of working on the beach.

“We are constantly looking for new opportunities to invest in high-quality office spaces in prime locations. We aim to create unique projects that have no analogs in the commercial real estate market. This time, we chose to invest in the first coworking space in Nida on the Curonian Lagoon shore. This summer, we partially moved our office and daily work to Nida, seeing this step as a tribute to our employees, whose well-being is our most valuable investment,” says Mindaugas Liaudanskas, head of SBA Group’s investment management company, “Capitalica Asset Management.”

The space’s founder, Mindaugas Juška, echoes this sentiment. According to him, there was a lack of a space in Nida that would be open to all vacationers working in the area, and their numbers are increasing every year.

“Unlike the ‘Nida Art Colony,’ which is primarily for creators, the new coworking space ‘Out of Office’ will welcome everyone who is both vacationing and working in Nida. The rental price will be 25 euros per day, 375 euros per month, and 750 euros for all three months. Special service packages are also offered,” says M. Juška.

He mentions that the resort guests will be provided with all the necessary work facilities – high-speed internet, a workspace, free coffee, and tea.

Having already established two “Out of Office” coworking spaces in Palanga, M. Juška emphasizes that the uniqueness of the Nida space lies in its location. It is situated in an exclusive spot on the Curonian Lagoon shore.

“There is no other workplace in Lithuania with a view of the Curonian Lagoon, where you can also feel the real sand of Nida’s beach under your feet. Furthermore, this new space is set up in the premises of the former popular restaurant ‘Bo House,’ which is very bright, creative, and designed by professionals. We have strived to maintain the local style and quality while setting up the coworking space,” says M. Juška.

The coworking space will operate daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can reserve your spot through the system at

The “Out of Office” initiative is driven by active Palanga residents and former Vilnius residents who have moved to live and work in Palanga. The first coworking space in Palanga was opened before the pandemic in “Kablys,” and in 2023, the second location opened in the “Gabija” hotel.

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