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The new CEO of “Capitalica Asset Management”

The board of SBA Group’s investment management company “Capitalica Asset Management” has appointed Mindaugas Liaudanskas, an experienced professional in financial markets and asset management, to the position of CEO. With the approval of the Bank of Lithuania, he replaced Andrius Barštys in this position, who will continue to lead the board of Capitalica.

“Mindaugas has been working for “Capitalica Asset Management” since its inception. With his competence, strategic foresight, and energy, he contributed significantly to the company becoming one of the fastest-growing investment management companies in the region that generates stable returns for clients. We entrust Mindaugas to be at the helm of the company in the phase of its vigorous growth. The company’s ambition is to exceed 1 billion euros in managed assets in the coming years. We believe that the new CEO’s leadership and professional qualities will further strengthen and mobilize the team, help expand into new markets and develop new products, and provide even more opportunities for sustainable returns for our clients,” says the Chairman of the board of “Capitalica Asset Management”, Andrius Barštys, who will continue to concentrate his activities on the development of the company’s long-term strategy and vision, as well as its new projects.

Mindaugas Liaudanskas, who currently worked as the manager of “Capitalica Asset Management Logistics fund,” moved to the new position on September 11, 2023. “The ambition of the company and the trust shown in me are inspiring. We will continue to strive to grow faster than the market and to ensure stable growth in the value of our clients’ investments. We will expand the areas of investment that are showing the biggest value – such as first-class sustainable offices, and green logistics facilities – with new investments that bring stable returns. We see a huge potential in the field of wealth management, which we will exploit not only through new products but also by offering new forms of personalized cooperation to clients. We already feel the demand for this,” says Liaudanskas.

“Capitalica Asset Management is an investment management company that focuses in investing on developing and already-developed real estate objects in the Baltic Sea region. Clients’ assets are invested through close-ended funds, supervised by the Bank of Lithuania, and the bonds are quoted on the Nasdaq stock exchange.

The total value of CAM’s currently managed assets eqauls almost 200 million euros. The company manages these funds: “Capitalica Baltic Real Estate Fund I,” “Capitalica Z114 Real Estate Fund,” “Capitalica Green Logistics Fund,” and the new “Capitalica European Office Fund.”

“Capitalica Baltic Real Estate Fund I,” managed by “Capitalica Asset Management,” owns an office complex “Verde” in Riga, a business center “Žalgirio 135” in Vilnius, a business center “Kauno Dokas” in Kaunas and a shopping center “Luizė” in Klaipėda. This fund finished 2022 with a record 17.7 million euros net profit, 125.9 million euros worth of consolidated assets, 51 million euros equity capital, and  5.7 million euros consolidated turnover.

“Capitalica Green Logistics Fund” currently owns five sustainable logistics building complexes, three of them in Tallinn and two in Riga.

“Capitalica Z114 Real Estate Fund” manages a complex of offices and storage facilities on Žalgirio St. in Vilnius, where a new class A business center will be developed.

“Capitalica Asset Management” started its operations in 2016. Its controlling stake belongs to one of the country’s largest business groups SBA (70%) and Andrius Barštys’ company “Fox Holdings” (30%).

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