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Sand Offices, a new business center, to open on Žalgirio Street

Capitalica Asset Management is implementing a sustainable project on the site of an old office building at the intersection of Žalgirio and Linkmenų streets in Vilnius, replacing the building with a new business center, called Sand Offices. The new building will offer modern offices with innovative design and amenities at an attractive price.

On 8 September, “Capitalica Asset Management” received permission to redevelop an office building at the intersection of Žalgirio and Linkmenų streets. At the end of 2024, new tenants will be able to move into a modern office building in the rapidly developing Šnipiškės district.

The company’s goal is to create an A+ energy class business center of an equally high quality to the estate projects developed on Konstitucijos Ave., but able to offer a more competitive rental price.

“Our aim with the “Sand Offices” was not to seek quick returns, but to create a special building that gives businesses an access to the highest quality office space. We are focusing on responsible architectural and interior design solutions to ensure that every area of the building is not only well-used, but also able to create a feeling of well-being for the people who work there,” says Andrius Barštys, Chairman of the Board of “Capitalica Asset Management.”

Inspired by the unique heritage of the area and a progressive vision for its future

One of the project’s main missions is to offer added value to the tenants with high requirements but not limitless budgets. The investors aim to ensure that the premises fully meet the needs of organizations that will rent these spaces. 

The building structure is made of prefabricated reinforced concrete – a decision that reduces the number of columns inside the building and facilitates layout as well as utility solutions. The façade, in turn, is finished in clinker bricks, a material rarely used in modern office buildings, but common in the old towns of Western Europe, where it has been used for centuries to create an impression of longevity and quality.

The choice of this material is also inspired by the rich history of the area: it was once the site of the most important clay deposits in Vilnius, where red clay, used for many of the old Gothic and Baroque buildings, was excavated. During these excavations, very interesting palaeontological finds have been made: mammoth bones. “The clay quarries, the mammoth bones – all this inspired the clay clinker façade that does not look like the rather “straightforward” red clay, but is sand-coloured, light and natural, pleasant to look at and touch as you walk by. This is how the name Sand Offices was born,” says Lukas Rekevičius, director of the architectural studio Keturi Architektai that designed the building. “Pleasure to be nearby – that is the emotion we strive to evoke in all our architectural and interior design decisions.” 

Aiming to meet the highest standards of quality and comfort

The 10,100 sqm BREEAM-certified building is being developed by applying versatile design principles to satisfy all the needs of the office tenants: the center will offer workspaces of diverse sizes, a restaurant, a retail space and a spacious reception. The new building will be taller but shorter, allowing for a part of the site to be used for creating a green courtyard and adjacent public spaces.

In addition, “Sand Offices” will include delivery and courier stopping areas, showers, changing rooms, bike and scooter storage, underground and outdoor parking lots. The ground floor is planned to have a spacious lounge equipped with a large LED screen displaying images of nature accompanied by natural sounds and smells. Large balconies with live trees will be installed on the individual office floors. Lastly, the project includes a possibility of creating a rooftop terrace overlooking the central business district and the newly-opened Japanese Garden, giving the building a dynamic and natural feel.

According to Rekevičius, such an architectural solution combines several ideas. “One of them is an urban volume that clearly marks the intersection and is visible enough to emphasize the iconic territory of the building, which is kind of a gateway into the city center from other districts. The second idea is also based on an urbanistic approach. We wanted to divide a rather large volume into separate sections so that passers-by moving along Žalgirio or Linkmenų streets would not see a solid brick monolith, but rather various architectural incisions and lushly planted terraces: we seek to create a silhouette that would remain dynamic when viewed from all the key points.” 

Aiming to enrich an important area of the capital

Newsec, the real estate services company exclusively responsible for finding tenants for “Sand Offices,” is confident that this office project will fulfill the potential of the iconic “gateway to the city” area. 

“Žalgiris Street is a very promising business location: it neighbors the central business district and has positive synergies with other business centers and adjacent residential buildings. It is a highly visible, easily identifiable location with an easy access to multiple points in the city by both private and public transport. The building’s geographical location also provides easy access to Konstitucijos Avenue when traveling on foot or by scooter/bike,” says Jurgita Ragaišė, Head of Newsec’s Brokerage Group in Lithuania. “In the recent years, the district has seen a growing population, new residential projects, renovation of parks and public spaces, pedestrian and cycle paths, and several large multifunctional projects are to be carried out in the near future: all this is important for the district’s vibrancy and for the convenience of our potential tenants.”

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